About video-cores.com

Development Process

Creating an industry-standard core is a process that starts with the reading of the official standard and discussing among the team any questions regarding interpretation. When needed, one of many industry expert advisors are consulted on specific interpretation details. Real-life usage cases and extra tolerances are added to make sure that the video cores will interface with other cores or chips.  video-cores.com only develops interfaces or video processing blocks in which at least one of the team members has been a very experienced industry user.

Cores that don't follow standards are created to provide the smallest and fastest design that provides the image or sound quality that the customer approves.

A core test plan identifies all normal-usage and corner cases and defines a detailed set of directed and pseudo-random tests to run.

Each core is written in close consultation with the IEEE 1364-2001 Verilog standard and cross-checked with multiple simulation, code checking and synthesis tools.

The core is complete when it passes a regression that includes measurements for functional coverage, code coverage and code checking guidelines.


All of our clients request and receive confidentiality on who they are.  We can share Markets where our products are currently used:

  • Broadcast Video and Audio
  • Prosumer CCD Cameras
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Industrial Vision including Surveillance with Analytics
  • Medical Cameras


video-cores.com is the product division of PugMedia Inc., a profitable United States of America "C" Corporation.  This division was started in March of 2005 and shortly thereafter started licensing cores to customers.

All cores are Architected, Designed and Verified in the United States of America.


Juan Carlos Lopez

Juan Carlos started contributing to video-cores.com since its inception in 2005 by coding two of the most popular video decoder cores, then moved to custom design for one client and contributed with audio, embedded audio and interlacing cores.  Familiar with all the testbenches and specs for the cores, besides all aspects of the IP business, he is one of the core and testbench designers and acts as a customer scout helping assess customer needs for video-cores.com.  Juan Carlos is the resident expert in Altera board bring-up, Altera NIOS programming and Altera SOPC development.

Juan Carlos received a BSEE from the University of Texas at San Antonio with Honors and has extensive experience with video and audio digital design and analog electronics.



  • 10 years of Program Management : Global Supply Chain, Forecast, Cost Analysis, Manufacturing Process Improvement
  • 12 years of Product Systems Engineering : Bring-up and Release to Manufacturing


  • 23 years of Software Engineering
  • C, C++, C#, Java, .net, MFC, DirectX, DirectShow
  • Windows XP,Vista/7, WinCE, Symbian, VxWorks