Customers demand Services

80% of Customers have requested custom design or verification services together with IP licensing.

We are pleased to present a seasoned team that can attack and solve any Media or Media-related challenge.  Examples of difficult problems that our Services team has solved include:

  • CCD Camera sensor operating at 25 MHz and System operating at 27 MHz
  • CCD sensor sending custom, SPI-like, dual-data-rate 16-bit serial Bayer RGB data with embedded syncs converted to Common Format RGB and YCbCr parallel data with explicit syncs
  • Trickle 8-bit bus integrated as Read/Write client into High Performance Programmable Burst (HPPB) SDRAM controller
  • Custom On-Screen Display (OSD) with byte-addressable components integrated into HPPB SDRAM controller with global Alpha Blending
  • Single video clock for both DVI progressive and ITU-R 656 NTSC/PAL interfaces
  • Seam-less/Artifact-less Square to Rectangular Pixel conversion
  • Scalable clocking for HPPB SDRAM Controller
  • Portable Multipliers allowing easy transition from FPGA to FPGA families and to ASIC implementations
  • Fully parametrizable modules allowing for increased pixel precision over product life
  • Field-tested Portable Embedded Audio components that interface with all commercial Embedded Audio Receivers and additional Audio Processing
  • Field-proven Custom Multi-channel and Multi-standard Video Capture Subsystems
  • Guaranteed Fair Multi-channel Video Memory Arbiters
  • "Bullet-proofing" existing Customer IP with Custom Wrapper

Please present your challenges to our team and we will be glad to present you with solutions, contact: .